Sincerity to Provide the Greatest Contribution

Toyota Berbagi

Toyota Berbagi’s Background

As a form of corporate responsibility, Toyota's presence in Indonesia is expected to contribute positively to developing the nation.
In adhering to this, Toyota grows and develops by not only focusing on profit, but also providing sustainable benefits
for the environment and society.

“Berbagi” (Bersama Membangun Indonesia) symbolizes Toyota’s spirit in taking a role in developing Indonesia, along with other parties, including the government and society, for a better Indonesia.

Toyota Berbagi TMMIN is committed to supporting smart mobility by combining an integrated system for people-vehicle-community through our local products:
Innova, Fortuner, Yaris, and Sienta.

Eco-Friendly Technology

TMMIN has always tried to purpose vehicle manufacture to be more efficient in safeguarding the environment by developing and popularizing environmentally friendly vehicles for Indonesia.

Safety Technology

TMMIN is continuously developing better and safer vehicles for all, including the implementation of airbag and parking sensor systems.

TMMIN continuously strives to contribute to Indonesia's automotive industry development. This comes in the form of strengthening international competition
for export expansion to become part of Toyota’s Global Manufacturing Base.

Expanding production bases through new investment will ultimately open up new employment opportunities.

Human Resources

Improving the capability of human resources in Indonesia through the ‘Technology Transfer’ process.

Promoting the localization of activities to strengthen the automotive industry.

TMMIN is continuously supporting Indonesia’s better prosperity in developing the next generation of the nation
through the 4 (four) pillars of Community Contributions:

Preserving the environment.

Support better education for the younger generation.

Increase traffic safety and minimize traffic congestion.

Grow together with community development and support those in need through philanthropic actions.