We Make People Before We Make Products

We Make People Before We Make Products


At TMMIN, we try to instill the spirit to achieve something better.
In striving to create an environment that supports and fosters enthusiasm, it also appreciates our employees’ efforts.


Comfortable Work Environment

TMMIN strives to support a flexible work environment, understand the importance of the culture of building mutual trust,
and respect amid diversity. The company provides a workplace that gives employees the opportunity to express themselves
by encouraging individuals to think creatively, grow, and act effectively.

Creating a Better Future

TMMIN believes that developing human resources is essential to grow continuously and realize
the company's long-term prosperity. According to the spirit “We Make People Before We Make Products,”
the company constantly conducts training and has established HR development facilities in order to improve
the quality of employees, and contribution to society.

Prioritize Quality

At TMMIN, striving to deliver the best quality products to ensure customer satisfaction means that we ensure employees
do not accept, produce, and pass defective products on to the subsequent process.


Assy Painting Production Division

New Employee Development Program

With clear stages, equipped with various trainings, and highly experienced mentors, we were invited to have a structured mindset to develop a kaizen for 1 year. The spirit of "process-oriented" and "make people before make product" is felt in the process of NEDP.


Quality Division

New Employee Development Program

Joined NEDP has been challenging ride. I have learned a lot of things and TMMIN provides me the opportunity to work with great people. Not only about technical knowledge, but also related to strategic planning. I got a lot of chances to explore self development & personal growth. It encourages & appreciates me in every possible way.


Engineering Management Division

New Employee Development Program

There are many challenges & exposures while running NEDP with people that have a good vision of building the automotive industry in Indonesia. Professionalism points earned during NEDP 1. Speed in overcoming problems and making decisions become the value inherent in the manufacturing industry, how should production keep running even when facing problems 2. Having an environment that is very supportive, dedicated & disciplined in working stages.

People Development Activity

"We Make People Before We Make Products" is a Toyota spirit born from the value
of "Respect for the People". TMMIN always upholds this spirit by striving to develop
human resources to become the best in the automotive industry
through company programs and training facilities.

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Join Our Team

Seize the opportunity to build the future automotive
industry with us. TMMIN have human resource
development programs and facilities that can provide
opportunities for young Indonesian talents
to develop their careers.

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xEV Center

TMMIN has inaugurated the xEV Center as a learning facility
and development of Toyota's capabilities in electrification
and green energy fields.

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