Contribute to Developing People

Employee Development Program

In line with the motto “We Make People Before We Make Product”, we believe that human resources are the most important asset
in realizing the best products. In adhering this, the company continues to develop employees through investment in training activities,
both for the employees, the supply chain, academics, and the public. This performs the role of contributing
to human resource development in Indonesia.

Toyota Indonesia Academy (AKTI)

Toyota Indonesia Academy (AKTI) is a Vocational College established by the Toyota Indonesia Foundation (YTI) to educate students
to become responsive, agile, and motivated individuals. Students will be provided with solid character education
towards higher education in manufacturing and participate in building the automotive industry development in Indonesia.

AKTI has 2 study programs, namely:
D1 of Machine Maintenance and Automation & D2 of 4 Wheel Vehicle Assembly Engineering
  • 64

    Total Students in 2022

  • 254

    Total Graduated Students

AKTI Vision:

To be the best educational institution in the manufacturing process by 2025 to produce Perceptive, Agile, and Persevering graduates
as the foundation to support Indonesian industry development.

AKTI Mission:

  • Organizing manufacturing process education programs for the automotive industry that offer planned and integrated higher education systems through a dynamic curriculum, complete supporting facilities,
    and competent teachers.
  • Carrying out research to improve technology standards in automotive manufacturing processes.
  • Organizing community service, especially in the automotive industry, in order to improve people's living standards.
  • Organizing domestic and international cooperation in implementing the Vision
    and Threefold Mission of Higher Education.

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Toyota Learning Center (TLC)

TLC is the center for training and developing skills, knowledge, as well as attitudes for TMMIN employees.
The center aims to ensure employees’ ability and skills to meet business needs, both now and in the future.
In addition to TMMIN employees, we provide training and consultation on people development for the supply chain
(suppliers, industry, government, and the general public).
  • 500

    Training Classes as of Year

  • 7.000

    Training Participants as of Year

TMMIN has three training facilities, in Sunter and Karawang, equipped with classrooms, manufacturing skill practice (Dojo),
webinar broadcast rooms, and advanced technology in Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. Our corporate training concept
is based on on-the-job development to ensure the knowledge and skills gained during training can be applied directly
to positively impact the workplace.

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Professional Certification Institute (LSP)

LSP TMMIN is the 1st Party Certification Agency registered by the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP).
LSP TMMIN has over 100 competency schemes for manufacturing process expertise and 80 assessors support it.
LSP TMMIN is Toyota Indonesia's commitment to producing a quality workforce in manufacturing.
It prioritizes human resources development in Indonesia through competency certification for vocation
and the employees to guarantee the quality of Toyota Indonesia products.
  • 87

    BNSP Certified Assessor

  • 1.299

    Total Certification Recipients

In LSP TMMIN, the company has conducted testing for the automotive manufacturing competency scheme that is enriched
through 56 trainers and 89 BNSP-certified assessors.

LSP TMMIN also has Competency Test Places (TUK) at the TMMIN Learning Center, namely the training and education center
for employees and vocational program participants, as well as at-work locations as part of field practice. From 2017 to July 2019,
more than 1,400 employees and vocational students at TMMIN achieved certification in 66 competency schemes.

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